uncensored me

•January 18, 2010 • Leave a Comment

am very very uninspired these days, its bad enough that i am living murphy’s law – when demand increases supply HAS to go down… am short of time, short of cash, short of words…. HELL,  at 5 feet two – am short myself!

see? universe always has a design. and, thats pretty Fucked up in itself – i mean, what sorta design is all that Chaos and Relativity. whats the deal there?

found an old guy – i mean realllyy old guy begging for food. how bloody effed up is that, eh? all your decades, all that journey to death thing … speed-blocked with this sort of living?

didnt i tell you, it IS a very BAD design!

i definitely Need to get into Conf Call with Mister GOD, one of these days about all this and so much more… and yes, if the human race is beyond redemption, why wait till 2012?

— this is me sayin, hello web!